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Saturday, May 15, 2004


upgrades will soon be coming.

went to KAY EL today hopping from bus to bus to get back to ipoh. with my supplimentary exams over, i left the CYBERJAYA DESERT in search for a better tomorrow. actually i came back to celebrate MOTHER'S DAY (i know it's T-Minus 5 days, BUT.) mom's real happy. true.

so, i went to the city. bought the next bus ticket to escape which will be leaving at 3pm so i had an hour to spend in the city. so, my itchy feet just had to move around. 10 minutes later i was lost. i practically had no idea where i was; alleyways and roads, tunnels, and lrts, monorails and junkyards. and oh yeah, prostitutes. such and more i shall not indulge on anymore.

by the next 20 minutes i was gazing at the hot sun in the middle of dataran merdeka. how i ended there, only my sweat can tell. luckily i found the monorail line and followed it back to ze bus station.

can i be back by 7pm?
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