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Wednesday, June 30, 2004
What is the Google Dance?
See here or just read ahead.

"Google Update -*Google Dance*-
Once in a month Google calculates the pagerank of each page and changes the serp(search enigne result pages) for all keywords.

The Google Dance is called the time between the start and the end of an update. In that time you get different results on www.google.com www2.google.com and www3.google.com. Normally the Google Dance took about 4 days.

The best time to put new pages online is during the Google-Dance. If you let too much time lapse between the completion of the update, and the publication of new content, you may reduce the amount of new content that will be included in the next update."

and then i found a coupla kittens lip-syncing and dancing to White Stripes's Fell in Love with a Girl, Destiny's Child's Independent Woman and the Vines' Outtathaway. while we're still on the subject, i wonder: where have all the sexy women gone to? you know women? que? females? dear mister-giving-out-ice-cubes here isn't happy today 'cos he didn't see his share of boobs today.

thus the day arrived, and spiderman is granted official permission to battle doctor ock on the streets. i was supposed to post this up yesterday but some thing got caught up (my zippers).i'll have to work on punctuality, some.

spiderman wrote in to my mailbox yesterday and asked if i could post this up for him in return for a fortune cookie.

hey kids!

sorry i was away for the past two years or more. i was rather busy with so much stuff back in college that i had to practically unweb myself from the webisities of life! but i haven't been sitting idly while waiting for another misunderstood evil comic character to attack manhattan. no! i was travelling around the world making a wuss of myself! hardy har har. look, to prove what i did, i managed to upload some pictures i took with them! adorable lil' chucks aren't they?

me and marie

me and jason, he was cute!

me and uncle richard in texas doing the 'she bangs'

a police spidey fan! wow, he sure looks muscular!

ah, the regular fan who asks me to walk the plank.


with a couple and their dumpling from malaysia! wait, aren't malaysians supposed to be black?

zipadee doo dah. zipadee yeh.

they love me!

the boy with the white shirt. he was naughty. i had to teach him a lesson.

hey, i even got some time out to go through my fan mail. some kids just don't grow up. these kids are from a galaxy far far away. see if you can spot who they really are:

at first i thought it was ringo starr, but nah, it's luke skywalker.

dooku's smile was a give away, huh?

han solo

jabba the hutt

artoo sent this one noting "you get more attention than me. screw you."

uncle ben (WTH?!)

darth maul

there, you see? anyway, i will be back soon saving mary jane while keeping my identity safe from the osbornes. until next time, here's a webby goodbye from your friendly neighbourhood spider man!

your's sincerly,
peter parker


good for you, peter! er..., spidey! making kids happy is the thing to do!

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Tuesday, June 29, 2004


for today i shall do some reviews (yes you might have read about some somewhere before but...). if you can bear with me, read on. after all, curiosity kept killing the cats.

i will go chronologically based on my pictures featured yesterday.

guy standing on logo

the maker

bald agent mr fourty seven (47) is back in 'Hitman: Contracts'. this third installment of the popular hitman series is the best i have played so far - storywise and gameplay. basically you go around as a SILENT ASSASIN and murder some high-above-in-whatever-hierarchy kahuna surrounded by near impossible odds. i like to point this SILENT ASSASIN thing out because by killing them silently ala 'Hitman: Silent Assasin' will earn you a higher and a better ranking. if you can get 'Professional' ranking under difficulty level 'Professional', come see me. i've got a job for you. kill this guy for me. i will reward thee handsomely, i say.

the previous two games were fun. but this one was like phwoar! missions range from stalin's backyard to jackie chan's mom's, castles to sewers, brothels to churches, hotels to slums. even the first mission was like a bad dream come true. SPOILER ALERT: for those who played 'Hitman: Codename 47' (the first one), the game ended with you killing your maker. (yes, you were artificially created) so, you start 'Hitman: Contracts' by escaping from the scene which happens to be a research lab where you found your 'brothers' which happens to be under an asylum which happens to be over run by SWAT teams now. NOW.

you're a clone who were deliberately allowed to escape in a complex pre-planned scheme by a luncatic geneticist. a combination of decades of research and studies and love. yeah, right.

one part i especially remembered of this game was it's violence and horror level. Eidos and Io Interactive have brought up the violence level so that toddlers will now cry in their sleep. Mr. 47 mutilates one's face with a meat hook, blows another's brains out in close range, dead bodies lay sprawling on the sparking marble floor tainted with blood, a pervert butcher masturbates in a shrine for a dead teenage girl he mutilated as a ritual to the music of 'Paul Anka's Put Your Head On My Shoulders', a ghost walks around a police-controlled crime scene area and SM parties in a beef production factory. whatdoya think now?

the meatballs

hates meatballs.

a long time ago, tasty meatballs like these existed in my life. delicacy no more. old photo from my archieves.

girl with wings


i only read TWO kind of comics:

i)BOOBY ones, which means ones with girls and boobs flaunting all around trying to seduce all the other males in the story and the occasional female,


ii) thought provoking screwed up stories that involve new scientific theories or the new stories with conventional concepts of things already made known but yea, screwed also.

say GOODBYE to aspen and HELLO to grace. remember the comics i was talking about? well, she's one of the lead characters in SOULFIRE, one of the new coming-soon-this-august spinoffs of the ASPEN storyline. you've guessed correctly, this fits exactly to the first of the TWO criteria of comics i read.

the story opens in the Age of Wonder (some sort of magic in the future sci-fi blah) with many winged humanoids and well, war breaks lose and you know the story. if i can share the comic here or link it to a source, life would be much easier since a picture tells a million words. 'ALL YOU NEED ARE WINGS'. with a tagline like this (like, duh...),how corny can SOULFIRE become?

4 and 5


the developers of the overly-controversial GTA series have decided to go out and conquer the world again. bad news though: this new installment does not cater to PC gamers (sad to say, that means me too). this time they said they would focus on the early 90s and the black community. WHAT THE DILLY, YO! and a big one to all the niggers out there. don't get me wrong, it looks like a good game and it packs a lot of new features besides the drive-around-and-kill-the-mom-pushing-a-trolley-with-her-kid-in-it scenes. for starters, you can now ride a bike! sort of like Extreme Sports + Crash Bandicoot. the developers probably have to get Tony Hawk in it too, don't you think?

good enough.

so far rumour has it that it'll be the first PS3 game for the new console.

what you have, will soon be mine

i see

yeap, this tagline is from THIEF 3. it was fun while playing it. couldn't it let go. addictive. mesmerizing. confusing. dangerously thrilling. what else? oh yeah, scary. when you hear a name like THIEF 3 on a game cover box, what do you think of? a guy who sneaks around and steals from the rich and give to the poor (stomach)? exactly what i thought of when i held it in my hands. boring. sucky. indelightable. 'super mario brothers' would have been better.

missions take you to mansions with creepy staircases and chandeliers, churches where they smite zombies, ruins half eaten by foliage, graveyards with ever spawning undead, a library attached to a rotunda where the council meets ala Warcraft 3, an orphanage-turned-asylum-turned-haunted-building named The ShalebrigeCradle', walking alive Gargoyles cursed with words like 'aNd i SeE aNd i SeE aNd I kiLL aNd i kiLL aNd...' in a Diable like voice, and a white glow of light with a shadow of surprisingly familiar girl you know...

nobody told me this but i betcha the previous two games were fun.

as GARRETT, a master thief who ran away from being a Keeper on the eve of his Ascension Day, he now confronts the good old Pagans (enemies from the first game) and the BUILDERS (ditto second game) and the Keepers themselves.. this time you not only get to go on missions and steal, whack OR KILL (this i bold because you usually avoid all forms of combat, hey, you're a thief!) you also get a city to explore in to pickpocket and steal stuff from people's humble abodes. sort of like GTA in the medieval times only without cars and bikes. boy, that was really fun! and when the Keepers start hunting for you in the city in you know it's time to die.

can't believe i spent one week on this bummer. took away a lot of my time, this one.

i play lotsa games, i know, but i only recommend the best.

fallout everywhere.

and yes, i've been absent for exactly two weeks plus one day. been hiding 'cos i was scared the world would end the day before yesterday.
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Monday, June 14, 2004


i'm not a sexist pig but some people aren't gonna like this post, but what the heck.

time for me to write something controversial.

aren't we men just fascinated with bras? i'm not horny, i'm just stating facts. girls, take heed:

a) men are not interested in your bra, it's your cleavage, dear. or what they hold inside.
b) balance. in all things, balance must endure.
c) psychotomimetic drugs don't work on me no more.
d) basically it's your bosom that we want. so, why am i talking about bras again?
e) it's one of the very few things we have in common - interest.
f) boobs. boobs. boobs. dexterity +3.
f) hey, don't blame us. we give you all the attention you want.

and of course, keep up the good work.

hanged out in a kewt lecturer's room for a while today. okay, okay, don't get too excited. i hanged around outside. in truth, i had to copy down some solutions posted on the door. actually, my mathematics ('probability' to be exact...)lecturer posted some tutorial solutions. why couldn't they just upload it to the internet or use the university's mailbox extravaganza? maths isn't my personal fan-vourite for all time, no. so, travelling to the room was like an ordeal for me.

instead of meeting with the lecturer that i was supposed to be looking for, i met another who shares the same room with her. gluons, quarks and quantum physics brought us together some time back. like the theory of relativity, our distance was dependent on personal perspective. the more i admired from afar, the further it seemed. she oozed charm and petiteness every time she spoke. classes seemed to last forever.

i walked towards the room. someone walked towards the same the opposite way. ignored. the little shadow from the corner of my eye played tricks on me. suave atmosphere as my nose tingled at the scent of perfume. air breathed in as i neared the door. writing utensil equiped for contact with paper. file down. stranger closes. oh, shucks. tincture in the walkway. sense of smell dwinding. passive. an inch more. in a fraction of a second; there she was, at the exact moment i reached. time stood still as she locked her keys to the keyhole. there was a vacuum of doubt in the air between she and i. my eyes glued to her face; hers still glued to to the keyhole as she struggled to work it. take it calmly, i told myself. wind blew her hair and brushed against her milky estrogenic face. my veins couldn't stand the pressure much longer.

she made it.

looked at me as she entered.

and she smiled.

i smiled back.

no prizes to who she was, eh?
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Saturday, June 12, 2004


"In the Folies Bergeres when the women were dancing 'frou frou' was meant to be the sound of the swishing skirt.There's meant to be a poem of Baudelaire's where he'd taken opium and was tripping out on the skirts swishing and getting delirious, and there's this old French song called Frou Frou which is the sound that drives men mad. And I suppose when I was getting this together with Imogen, not just because she's a girl, but I was conscious of there being a kind of femininity to things. The delirious guy looking at the women is probably like I am, listening to them singing down the microphone."
-Guy Sigsworth

i told myself i would never quote a song's lyrics. an exception must be made.

Let Go - Frou Frou

Drink up baby doll
Are you in or are you out
Leave your things behind
'Cos it's all going off without you
Excuse me too busy
Writing your your tragedy
These mishaps you bubble-wrap
When you've no idea what you're like
So let go jump in
Oh well what you waiting for
It's alright
'Cos there's beauty in the breakdown
So let go just get in
Oh it's so amazing here
It's alright
'Cos there's beauty in the breakdown
It gains the more it gives
And it rises with the fall
So hand me that remote
Can't you see that all that stuff's a sideshow
Such boundless pleasure
We've no time for later now
You can't await your own arrival
You've twenty seconds to comply

Argh, where are my books?

picture of the moment:

dark vader
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TGI Saturday morning.

and i didn't even take a wink whole night. wow. now, that's what i call morning sickness.

feeling woozy now. okay, how did i spend my night?

came back from class yesterday evening and read comics; got some new Aspen booby-rated comics, yeah. brings back fond memories of the good old days when i use to read Fathom all in one sitting (Michael Turner so needs more publicity these days now that he left Top COw... shucks.) Atlanteans. Coral-based armour suits. Scantily-clad women. Spinoffs. With more scantily-clad women. What more can a boy ask for?

aspen matthews

the story was about this one girl, Aspen, who was found with the original crew of a ship when it reappeared from the Bermuda Triangle after many years. however, she doesn't remember her past. although she was adopted into a HUMAN lifestyle she had a keen interest in all things ahe too oh . to cut the story short, she is abducted back to her Atlantean society in her twenties (i'm only guessing based on her physical appearances. don't ask.) life doesn't get all smooth sailing now on; yes, it's a comic book, but; she gets misled by an Atlantean guy, Killian (Turner made it a point to note that it also means 'Kill Ian'. witchblade enthusiast would understand.) into a killing machine. to end a story arc, she prevails and saves the world. yada yada. ze end. but Top Cow Comics had to come out with some crappy lawsuit and ruin the series.

but now comes Aspen Inc., owned by Turner himself and comics drawn mostly by him too. so, it's eye candy galore! Fathom is now renamed Aspen, plus two extra spinoffs with equally artistic values: Ekos and Soulfire (previously known as Dragonfly). i know, i know, i'm a sucker for boob-comics, but what the heck, at least i'm reading!

uncle sent me some pictures from down under. looks like autumn over there. enjoy. god, i miss melbourne.

one thing that kept me awake: someone abroad wrote and commented on the Frou Frou entry that i wrote about. now, that's not something that happens everyday. Jared Counts' blog can be accessed here. Cheers, dude.

"Second, I found a new linker via Technorati: Onions over at "want an ice cube?"! Probably found me via BLM, so that's cool. The more the merrier, I always say. That, and he (I'm assuming it's a he, and I'll tell you why) has links and pictures concerning the delightful Claire Forlani. Yum.

Speaking of Onions, I found out about a trailer you guys should check out: Garden State. Many things about this trailer I found striking. First, it features the song "Let Go" by the group Frou Frou, a group I was until now unacquainted with. That song sounds pretty amazing from what I could hear. Beautiful vocals with really cool electronic backgrounds, and I'm a sucker for that anyway. Second, the movie features that tasty little crumpet Natalie Portman. And third, and this is a biggy, the movie was written by, directed by, and stars Zach Braff, better known as J.D. from Scrubs. I really like Scrubs, given that it's possibly one of the most underrated shows on TV, and I've always liked Braff's performance in it. I had kinda wondered what he would be like in a more serious role, and now we get the chance. And Zach writing and directing it just makes it that much more intriguing."

Frou Frou sure has lotsa and lotsa followers these days, huh?

and yes, claire forlani has it all. should i write one just about her? or should i call it a day?

you have 20 seconds to comply.
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Wednesday, June 09, 2004


it's international weblogger's day!

quote below taken from this dull website.

" International Weblogger's Day
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Every year on June 9th, webloggers around the world are commemorated for their work. While yet a grass-roots project, you can help make this day a reality. We're working to unite webloggers from across the world in a petition to the global community. "

wow, i didn't know such a day existed.

for those who were curious about what the heck Frou Frou and The Postal Service are, i shall try to be as not sarcastic as i can:

i first heard of them when i got their album. some coursemate of mine collects junk from the internet and accidentally passed this golden nugget to me. a turn in events found me listening to the Shrek 2 soundtrack. 'Holding Out for a Hero'. yeap, that was them. their song was played during the ending credits and really sounded weird. thinking that the group sounded weird (and their name too! what kind of band calls themselves FROU FROU?!), i just dismissed the kahunas anyway.

circumstances started to change later when they were featured again in my life. the first GARDEN STATE trailer was a cult following on the net because of the song 'Let Go' . i checked trailer music websites for additional information and then it was phwoarr all the way. people were just hysterical and were all like this-song-was-made-for-a-trailer attitude. well, quite true. and it was like a music video all the way. no wonder i had a different feeling after watching the trailer. one guy even mentioned 'sounds like DIDO... is it?'. ouchie.

whoever doesn't understand FROU FROU hasn't transcendend and musn't do so.

and as for Postal Service. hmm, more about them later.

for now, pastor kenneth is here. and i'm off to chao down with him.


i went and i didn't think.

well, perhaps because it was an ACTSMEN gathering where we all were made mostly of guys.

listened to a long talk by dear ol' pastor kenneth. we excused oursleves to the nearby Ericson cafe which offers a great view and relaxing place not to mention an exorbitant menu. uncle kenneth had this vision and wants to start something in Cyberjaya, sort of like a outpost for ACTS or something. probably to reach out to us more because, thanks to the incredible distance my university is located from civilization, the students from my university do not indulge much in church activities. he might want to get an apartment to help us have meetings and such.

lunch was fun and then i had to rush to class at 2.05pm.

for a 2pm class.
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Monday, June 07, 2004


it's 9am. i woke at 8.30am. the sky's so dark i can barely see the monochrome colours of the morning.

no sunbeam. no wakey sunbeams that came through.

what a great way to start the day but with Travis - Love Will Come Through.

more events to come Posted by Hello

oh yeah, more advertisements for today. check out this trailer below. yes, click the golden eye.

wanna corrupt your mind?
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Sunday, June 06, 2004


why do i adore everything Zach Braff? i'm clearly NOT gay.

the first time i heard of him was when i watched [ Scrubs ] like three seasons in a row. boy, those were the days. his boyish looks and exagerated jokes makes him the ideal candidate for slingshot loser jokes. but that made him even the more appealling. there may even be a website dedicated to him by now. heck, yes, there is one over here. to make life more exciting, he had to pair up with natalie portman. it's like killing two birds with one stone. and boy, i need to see her this year.

isn't he the guy who used to stalk you all year? Posted by Hello

but now, i simply await for everything GARDEN STATE.

it extends to all those who understand the Frou Frou and The Postal Service rendition of life in the patchwork farm..
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Saturday, June 05, 2004


previous sunday was an eye-opener.

our nation's (so far as i've seen) finest and self proclaimned science fiction fan club, MySciFiFan, provoked a gathering for yet another tv cult series following. this time being however, was for Babylon 5 fans. although knowing that this would spell disaster for my new academic week, i persisted and went for it with an accomplice of mine.

terry and i had a heck of a time looking for Mont Kiara Plaza; located on the outskirts of the delta quardrant. the place was weird, crawling with foreigners and rich kids on skate-shoes (can i call 'em skate-shoes?). i haven't been in a complex and had the feeling that you were a minority in the crowd. you know, the feeling the way you carry yourself shall i say, less expensive. like a swarm the people passed by as we explored the plaza. took us around five oblivious minutes to finally find 'DECEMBER'.

and another thirty seconds of courage to ask the waiter at the bistro if there was a Babylon 5 gathering inside.

the group was horribly small. we were late around fourty five minutes into the opening episode of the day but there were only around less than ten there. some of them were trekkies(or web gurus, i dunno) and they were talking about all sorts of website making stuff, ideas for enlargement of the group, blablabla. wanted to chip in, but, hey, i'm the noob here, hush.

the show was boring, i killed 50,000 germs with each breath. science fiction at it's max. later got enough courage as to get up and 'borrow' a book from the other table; avoiding some glaring eyes, and sit, no, read a damn technical book on Babylon 5 who-the-heck-cares-about-it stuff. lot's of info though. time wasted and we ordered a pizza that cost us a bloody nineteen ringgit. wow wee. if you look carefully at the picture, you can see some left overs terry and i were arguing on who should have.

dude, where did you park your car? Posted by Hello

the other members were like kids in 40 year-old skins. can actually imagine myself in 20 years time in the same position. life IS predictable. the introduce-yourself time was OKAY. the giant kids (okay, if this blog leaks out to the club, i'm dead, i know, but, whatever...) confessed their love of the series one by one. and then, back to more Science Fiction goodness. more shows.

by the time it was four i got my butt up and headed to the pool table where some of them were engaged in a simulacrum of star trek warfare - ala CARDS. don't let it fool you. the game was fun and exciting - the klingon empire just invaded some federation planets, cardassians warping in just to poke fun at the ferengi and stuff. okay, sorry. too much jargon here. tried my hands on a game. and sad to say, won it. klingons are just too violent for my nature.

we wasted 5 of your puny human years! Posted by Hello

but we wasted 5 of your puny human hours! Posted by Hello

but i like cloaking devices. now you see, now you don't. see?

left round seven and realized i had just flew by my day in a Klingon 'Bird of Prey'.

here's a link and a review of the gathering. try not to puke.

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Thursday, June 03, 2004


life has been so full of ups and downs, it was so easy to forget my loved ones. my sis for example, messaged me today during my first CG meeting and told me dad had cataracts. life's so unpredictable. called back and had a long nice chat. dances with wolves.

boy, i miss my cousins. kids, nonetheless, are much more fun to be with and i find that i can connect with them easier than my other 'older' more 'ancient' relatives. it's like we're all one in the Force. okay, that was too spiritual, but hey, we're all connected some way or another. my uncle tuck, who's currently residing in ireland, was born with a perspectivly creative essense in things that he does. in this sense, his pictures with his family. Recently, they went basking under the sun of Spain.

boating at Parc de la Ciutadella  Posted by Hello

CG was quite eventful. and now that i'm opening up to you guys so much more now, i think i can actually crap more - often. no, we didn't have any vulgar jokes. okay, well, we did. but not as much as like the other weeks. for now, all i can tell you was that we had changed our name from TWIST CG to F.O.C. CG. gonna miss TWIST, man. there was where we all got our twisted stuff from.

we had the weirdest sick members.

we had the weirdest presents for our members.

we had the weirdest circumstances any human could find themselves in. come rain or shine.

above all, we were TWIST.

now, we're Full Of Christ since it was Finished On the Cross and we welcome any new members because of the Free Of Charge membership. think of some more?

welcome back to the battlefield, Leian. Now, tend to my wounds.

F.O.C. what kind of a CG name is that? i predict new interesting twisted ways of playing with the name. mockery and sadness. laughter and delirium.

next few posts will be interesting, i hope. i'll be posting some short anecdotes on what it is to be dead.

and then, back being alive.
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Wednesday, June 02, 2004


traumatic academic situations.

since the dawn of mankind, we have always wanted knowledge; never ceasing to learn. can we stop now?

at least end the agony of worldly pursuits for the unknown. okay, i love information. but useless information? no, thanks. quit, the blabbing too, lecturer. you're burning my ears with your pesky indian accent. such a bore.

like i said, i am a student. my job - to study. but life is too mundane that way. i need a refreshed start. can't wait for the midterm breaks. life is much easier during the holidays. except when i have to study for the supplimentary papers. and oh yeah, the papers i took that day: i didn't do very well. you do the math.

too much lies i can live without.
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