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Wednesday, June 30, 2004
What is the Google Dance?
See here or just read ahead.

"Google Update -*Google Dance*-
Once in a month Google calculates the pagerank of each page and changes the serp(search enigne result pages) for all keywords.

The Google Dance is called the time between the start and the end of an update. In that time you get different results on www.google.com www2.google.com and www3.google.com. Normally the Google Dance took about 4 days.

The best time to put new pages online is during the Google-Dance. If you let too much time lapse between the completion of the update, and the publication of new content, you may reduce the amount of new content that will be included in the next update."

and then i found a coupla kittens lip-syncing and dancing to White Stripes's Fell in Love with a Girl, Destiny's Child's Independent Woman and the Vines' Outtathaway. while we're still on the subject, i wonder: where have all the sexy women gone to? you know women? que? females? dear mister-giving-out-ice-cubes here isn't happy today 'cos he didn't see his share of boobs today.

thus the day arrived, and spiderman is granted official permission to battle doctor ock on the streets. i was supposed to post this up yesterday but some thing got caught up (my zippers).i'll have to work on punctuality, some.

spiderman wrote in to my mailbox yesterday and asked if i could post this up for him in return for a fortune cookie.

hey kids!

sorry i was away for the past two years or more. i was rather busy with so much stuff back in college that i had to practically unweb myself from the webisities of life! but i haven't been sitting idly while waiting for another misunderstood evil comic character to attack manhattan. no! i was travelling around the world making a wuss of myself! hardy har har. look, to prove what i did, i managed to upload some pictures i took with them! adorable lil' chucks aren't they?

me and marie

me and jason, he was cute!

me and uncle richard in texas doing the 'she bangs'

a police spidey fan! wow, he sure looks muscular!

ah, the regular fan who asks me to walk the plank.


with a couple and their dumpling from malaysia! wait, aren't malaysians supposed to be black?

zipadee doo dah. zipadee yeh.

they love me!

the boy with the white shirt. he was naughty. i had to teach him a lesson.

hey, i even got some time out to go through my fan mail. some kids just don't grow up. these kids are from a galaxy far far away. see if you can spot who they really are:

at first i thought it was ringo starr, but nah, it's luke skywalker.

dooku's smile was a give away, huh?

han solo

jabba the hutt

artoo sent this one noting "you get more attention than me. screw you."

uncle ben (WTH?!)

darth maul

there, you see? anyway, i will be back soon saving mary jane while keeping my identity safe from the osbornes. until next time, here's a webby goodbye from your friendly neighbourhood spider man!

your's sincerly,
peter parker


good for you, peter! er..., spidey! making kids happy is the thing to do!

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