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Wednesday, June 09, 2004


it's international weblogger's day!

quote below taken from this dull website.

" International Weblogger's Day
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Every year on June 9th, webloggers around the world are commemorated for their work. While yet a grass-roots project, you can help make this day a reality. We're working to unite webloggers from across the world in a petition to the global community. "

wow, i didn't know such a day existed.

for those who were curious about what the heck Frou Frou and The Postal Service are, i shall try to be as not sarcastic as i can:

i first heard of them when i got their album. some coursemate of mine collects junk from the internet and accidentally passed this golden nugget to me. a turn in events found me listening to the Shrek 2 soundtrack. 'Holding Out for a Hero'. yeap, that was them. their song was played during the ending credits and really sounded weird. thinking that the group sounded weird (and their name too! what kind of band calls themselves FROU FROU?!), i just dismissed the kahunas anyway.

circumstances started to change later when they were featured again in my life. the first GARDEN STATE trailer was a cult following on the net because of the song 'Let Go' . i checked trailer music websites for additional information and then it was phwoarr all the way. people were just hysterical and were all like this-song-was-made-for-a-trailer attitude. well, quite true. and it was like a music video all the way. no wonder i had a different feeling after watching the trailer. one guy even mentioned 'sounds like DIDO... is it?'. ouchie.

whoever doesn't understand FROU FROU hasn't transcendend and musn't do so.

and as for Postal Service. hmm, more about them later.

for now, pastor kenneth is here. and i'm off to chao down with him.


i went and i didn't think.

well, perhaps because it was an ACTSMEN gathering where we all were made mostly of guys.

listened to a long talk by dear ol' pastor kenneth. we excused oursleves to the nearby Ericson cafe which offers a great view and relaxing place not to mention an exorbitant menu. uncle kenneth had this vision and wants to start something in Cyberjaya, sort of like a outpost for ACTS or something. probably to reach out to us more because, thanks to the incredible distance my university is located from civilization, the students from my university do not indulge much in church activities. he might want to get an apartment to help us have meetings and such.

lunch was fun and then i had to rush to class at 2.05pm.

for a 2pm class.
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