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Thursday, June 03, 2004


life has been so full of ups and downs, it was so easy to forget my loved ones. my sis for example, messaged me today during my first CG meeting and told me dad had cataracts. life's so unpredictable. called back and had a long nice chat. dances with wolves.

boy, i miss my cousins. kids, nonetheless, are much more fun to be with and i find that i can connect with them easier than my other 'older' more 'ancient' relatives. it's like we're all one in the Force. okay, that was too spiritual, but hey, we're all connected some way or another. my uncle tuck, who's currently residing in ireland, was born with a perspectivly creative essense in things that he does. in this sense, his pictures with his family. Recently, they went basking under the sun of Spain.

boating at Parc de la Ciutadella  Posted by Hello

CG was quite eventful. and now that i'm opening up to you guys so much more now, i think i can actually crap more - often. no, we didn't have any vulgar jokes. okay, well, we did. but not as much as like the other weeks. for now, all i can tell you was that we had changed our name from TWIST CG to F.O.C. CG. gonna miss TWIST, man. there was where we all got our twisted stuff from.

we had the weirdest sick members.

we had the weirdest presents for our members.

we had the weirdest circumstances any human could find themselves in. come rain or shine.

above all, we were TWIST.

now, we're Full Of Christ since it was Finished On the Cross and we welcome any new members because of the Free Of Charge membership. think of some more?

welcome back to the battlefield, Leian. Now, tend to my wounds.

F.O.C. what kind of a CG name is that? i predict new interesting twisted ways of playing with the name. mockery and sadness. laughter and delirium.

next few posts will be interesting, i hope. i'll be posting some short anecdotes on what it is to be dead.

and then, back being alive.
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