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Saturday, June 05, 2004


previous sunday was an eye-opener.

our nation's (so far as i've seen) finest and self proclaimned science fiction fan club, MySciFiFan, provoked a gathering for yet another tv cult series following. this time being however, was for Babylon 5 fans. although knowing that this would spell disaster for my new academic week, i persisted and went for it with an accomplice of mine.

terry and i had a heck of a time looking for Mont Kiara Plaza; located on the outskirts of the delta quardrant. the place was weird, crawling with foreigners and rich kids on skate-shoes (can i call 'em skate-shoes?). i haven't been in a complex and had the feeling that you were a minority in the crowd. you know, the feeling the way you carry yourself shall i say, less expensive. like a swarm the people passed by as we explored the plaza. took us around five oblivious minutes to finally find 'DECEMBER'.

and another thirty seconds of courage to ask the waiter at the bistro if there was a Babylon 5 gathering inside.

the group was horribly small. we were late around fourty five minutes into the opening episode of the day but there were only around less than ten there. some of them were trekkies(or web gurus, i dunno) and they were talking about all sorts of website making stuff, ideas for enlargement of the group, blablabla. wanted to chip in, but, hey, i'm the noob here, hush.

the show was boring, i killed 50,000 germs with each breath. science fiction at it's max. later got enough courage as to get up and 'borrow' a book from the other table; avoiding some glaring eyes, and sit, no, read a damn technical book on Babylon 5 who-the-heck-cares-about-it stuff. lot's of info though. time wasted and we ordered a pizza that cost us a bloody nineteen ringgit. wow wee. if you look carefully at the picture, you can see some left overs terry and i were arguing on who should have.

dude, where did you park your car? Posted by Hello

the other members were like kids in 40 year-old skins. can actually imagine myself in 20 years time in the same position. life IS predictable. the introduce-yourself time was OKAY. the giant kids (okay, if this blog leaks out to the club, i'm dead, i know, but, whatever...) confessed their love of the series one by one. and then, back to more Science Fiction goodness. more shows.

by the time it was four i got my butt up and headed to the pool table where some of them were engaged in a simulacrum of star trek warfare - ala CARDS. don't let it fool you. the game was fun and exciting - the klingon empire just invaded some federation planets, cardassians warping in just to poke fun at the ferengi and stuff. okay, sorry. too much jargon here. tried my hands on a game. and sad to say, won it. klingons are just too violent for my nature.

we wasted 5 of your puny human years! Posted by Hello

but we wasted 5 of your puny human hours! Posted by Hello

but i like cloaking devices. now you see, now you don't. see?

left round seven and realized i had just flew by my day in a Klingon 'Bird of Prey'.

here's a link and a review of the gathering. try not to puke.

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