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Saturday, June 12, 2004


TGI Saturday morning.

and i didn't even take a wink whole night. wow. now, that's what i call morning sickness.

feeling woozy now. okay, how did i spend my night?

came back from class yesterday evening and read comics; got some new Aspen booby-rated comics, yeah. brings back fond memories of the good old days when i use to read Fathom all in one sitting (Michael Turner so needs more publicity these days now that he left Top COw... shucks.) Atlanteans. Coral-based armour suits. Scantily-clad women. Spinoffs. With more scantily-clad women. What more can a boy ask for?

aspen matthews

the story was about this one girl, Aspen, who was found with the original crew of a ship when it reappeared from the Bermuda Triangle after many years. however, she doesn't remember her past. although she was adopted into a HUMAN lifestyle she had a keen interest in all things ahe too oh . to cut the story short, she is abducted back to her Atlantean society in her twenties (i'm only guessing based on her physical appearances. don't ask.) life doesn't get all smooth sailing now on; yes, it's a comic book, but; she gets misled by an Atlantean guy, Killian (Turner made it a point to note that it also means 'Kill Ian'. witchblade enthusiast would understand.) into a killing machine. to end a story arc, she prevails and saves the world. yada yada. ze end. but Top Cow Comics had to come out with some crappy lawsuit and ruin the series.

but now comes Aspen Inc., owned by Turner himself and comics drawn mostly by him too. so, it's eye candy galore! Fathom is now renamed Aspen, plus two extra spinoffs with equally artistic values: Ekos and Soulfire (previously known as Dragonfly). i know, i know, i'm a sucker for boob-comics, but what the heck, at least i'm reading!

uncle sent me some pictures from down under. looks like autumn over there. enjoy. god, i miss melbourne.

one thing that kept me awake: someone abroad wrote and commented on the Frou Frou entry that i wrote about. now, that's not something that happens everyday. Jared Counts' blog can be accessed here. Cheers, dude.

"Second, I found a new linker via Technorati: Onions over at "want an ice cube?"! Probably found me via BLM, so that's cool. The more the merrier, I always say. That, and he (I'm assuming it's a he, and I'll tell you why) has links and pictures concerning the delightful Claire Forlani. Yum.

Speaking of Onions, I found out about a trailer you guys should check out: Garden State. Many things about this trailer I found striking. First, it features the song "Let Go" by the group Frou Frou, a group I was until now unacquainted with. That song sounds pretty amazing from what I could hear. Beautiful vocals with really cool electronic backgrounds, and I'm a sucker for that anyway. Second, the movie features that tasty little crumpet Natalie Portman. And third, and this is a biggy, the movie was written by, directed by, and stars Zach Braff, better known as J.D. from Scrubs. I really like Scrubs, given that it's possibly one of the most underrated shows on TV, and I've always liked Braff's performance in it. I had kinda wondered what he would be like in a more serious role, and now we get the chance. And Zach writing and directing it just makes it that much more intriguing."

Frou Frou sure has lotsa and lotsa followers these days, huh?

and yes, claire forlani has it all. should i write one just about her? or should i call it a day?

you have 20 seconds to comply.
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