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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

thriving on junkfood

Something keeps yelling behind my neck "revamp! revamp! revamp, vampi!"

Sweet mother of my best friend, I had no idea it had to take so long particularly when I do not know much html or css or whatever for that matter. A lecturer, a classmate, an enormous proportion of cash, twenty-two lunches, fifty-four websites and three sleepless nights later: HEY, PRESTO!

Yesterday night was the grand finale CF for this trimester and needless to say there were lotsa nostalgic moments. Particularly there was the time when they showcased some oldie videos that were taken years ago: one of them was the one I took from those glorious days of hostel life when I grabbed a camera in video-mode and stalked the chicken rice shop - girl during her shift. Hey, come to think of it, I didn't intend it to be taken for any cf purpose, rather, for personal gratification; knowing I would leave hostel-life soon. Your life is ending anyway, why not take away some memories? I had to ruin it.

The videos I had taken was also featured in the theater class that I was in back in my first year in my university. So kiss me.

The organizers requested each CG to come out with a presentation, whatata, Joshua and I came out with this crazy idea ala 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' Yeah, Josh have been watching it so much, he want's to do his thing. Whattheheck, Daniel was sitting in the same room when we were discussing about this (come on, he's Josh's roomie, rem?) so we invited him along for the ride. Chee Yong (he officially has no blog no more) came in as a subsitute for Drew Carey. I finally managed to make myself a complete moron by attempting to impersonate Colin Mochrie. Blunderous as it may seem, I can gladly say that I enjoyed it. Not to mention all those weird roles Daniel gave me, but I thoroughly gave it my best (at times, lost). Let's try this some time folks.

I was so high I didn't realize what an opportunity I had. Act like you got some sense. Mmm-mmm mmm-mmm.
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Blogger daniel said...

at last your blog is up again!

7:09 AM  
Blogger nlye said...

Superb bloglook, admirable!
looking forward to ya writings~

3:08 AM  
Blogger .:mysh:. said...

kewl kewl kewl. i like - VERY much. lookin forward to many many more.baby.product. updates, yesireee.. nice *grin*. :)

1:03 AM  
Blogger 0n10n5 said...

The three most unexpected people to stumble on this much-under-constructed blog (in your network), I shalt grant thee passage to the underworld. So there. I need to work on it, some. And meantime,Ii will be flirting with dogs.

2:15 PM  
Blogger auds said...

love your new blog look. :D
cheerz bro~ my sort-of neighbour~
still owe me a picture~

1:15 AM  

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