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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Aiya, Dam' Chialat La.

so what have we learnt today?

was feeling mucho sleepy today when i overheard this on my way back :

(before that, picture this: an indian guy, a chinese bimbo, and humble me - all standing with our back leaning on left door of coach, eyeballing every aunty and uncle picking their noses, giving stares at children who laugh at the loudspeaker's mention of the word "Ang Mo Kio", trying to blend in into the rush hour.)

so, you like working here? (brushes hair ala shampoo ad)

yeah, i kinda like, work 3 days a week. thursdays, fridays are my off days. i have to get to work tomorrow. (takes out a blue book with a bookmark marking three quarters of the book already read)

awww, so nice. i wish i had a one day job too.(puh-leaze)

what about you? you like your job? (flips book to pretend he's not interested at her)

sigh. i don't really like living here. everything's so costly. but, so small. you know my room, right? it costs a bomb! (hunches to move bag to easier shoulder spot)

right. but, you fit right in. (smiles while looking at her boobs)

i need space. (i take a step away from her) i like big open spaces. that's why i like cameron's. (indian guy looks at the station signboard as the train comes to another stop)

i think that girl's waving at you.

(confused, takes another three seconds to come to her senses and then) Hey!

i was trying to get your attention ever since i saw you when i boarded at City Hall!

haa? sorry. i just saw you only... (damn pretentious, but she's cute so i forgive her) long time no see lahh! (walks towards her new-found friend's seat and for the first time i get to see her face. wow. what? you expect me to check out her face while i was standing beside her? you siow is it?)

(sorry, i couln't hear him any longer, he walked away trailing her butt. so, i fell back asleep)

this conversation brought back memories of frou frou. overhearing the bimbo's need for 'space' got the nuts and cranks in my brain thinking and reminiscing the times when i wished i was at room at a high sky-scrapper, with new york's traffic lights streaking across the horizon in the evening, candle lights glowing, frou frou at the background, sipping a cup of tea, reading harry potter seven.

i now know why people like the word 'chialat'.
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