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Friday, January 28, 2005

An ode to the classes of yesterday. And Warhammer 40k.

So what have we learnt today?

I hate my lecturers. They make me chop down trees. They bore me to death in classes, so I pick up my pencil and I doodle. And I doodle. I like.


Those of you who found yesterday's post funny, Warhammer 40k isn't funny! It's supposed to be a grim and dark future where man are at constant war with aliens, heretics and godknowswhats. Repent and apologize to me quick. Heck, why not listerine your mouth to apologize to The Emperor since he's coming by this weekend?

Oh yeah, something unconnected to this; Dr. Mahathir and Ma'am was seen taking a quick tour in the University. What for? Anyone actually have a picture of them in the vicinity?

You think being a Space Marine, an Adeptus Astartes,under the paycheck of The Emperor is funny?

Try these for size. Life is hard being one, okay?! To depict the process that a Space Marine wanabe has to go through;

[ Any normal you or me (MALE ONLY) -> Potential -> Neophyte -> Initiate -> Space Marine. ]

One topic I found extremely intriguing is:


Nineteen organs are implanted in a Neophyte to further bolster his combat and survival ability should he live to become a Brother-Marine. Each implant has a high margin of catastrophic failure and so a small number of Neophytes live to become Initiates.

1. Secondary Heart - This is the first and least difficult implant to install. The secondary heart has the obvious benefit of increasing blood supply and is even able to support full life functions in the event the original heart is rendered incapacitated.

2. Ossmudula - This implant serves to strengthen the skeleton of a Brother-Marine. Two years following the surgery, the Marine's skeleton will be exponentially stronger, with a fused rib cage.

3. Biscopea - Implanted into the chest cavity, this implant bolsters muscle growth throughout the Marine's body

4. Haemastamen - Implanted into a main blood vessel, this serves in conjunction with Implants two and three. It alters the Marine's blood composition to a higher level of efficiency.

5. Larraman's Organ - This organ serves the purpose a platelets, only in a quicker, more powerful magnitude. When a Marine is wounded, Larraman Cells are released, attached to leukocytes. At the site of the injury, they form scar tissue in a matter of seconds, effectively preventing massive blood loss and/or infection.

6. Catalepsean Node - Implanted into the back of the brain, this implant remains dormant until a Marine is deprived of sleep. Under normal circumstances, Marines sleep just like normal humans, but when deprived of it, the Node can switch off certain functions to gain rest. While it cannot replace normal Circadian rhythms, it effectively allows the Marine to rest while active.

7. Preomnor - Effectively a decontamination chamber inside the chest cavity, the Preomnor is able to assess possible poison/toxic risks of ingested materials and neutralize these toxins, if need be. The Preomnor enables the Marine to eat inedibles that would normally render a human ill or deceased.

8. Omophagea - Implanted into the spinal cord, this organ is designed to absorb DNA relative to experience or memory. This enables the Marine to gain information, in a survival or tactical sense, simply by eating an indigenous to an alien world or situation.

9. Multi-lung - The multi-lung is a 'third' lung, able to absorb oxygen from environments poor in oxygen. Breathing is accomplished through a sphincter in the trachea. A similar muscle closes in toxic environments and oxygen is absorbed by filtering out the poisonous elements.

10. Occulobe - Essentially, this organ enhances a Marine's eyesight, granting him vision considered exceptional and the ability to see normally in low-light environment.

11. Lyman's Ear - As well as rendering a Marine immune to dizziness and nausea, it enables a Marine to filter out 'white noise', as a conscious act.

12. Sus-an Membrane - This allows a Marine to enter a catatonic state, coma-like in appearance. It allows a mortally wounded Brother to survive. The longest recorded period of this state was Brother Silas Err of the Dark Angels for 567 years.

13. Melanochrome - Linked to pigment cells in skin, this allows the Marine's skin to shield him from dangerous levels of radiation.

14. Oolitic Kidney - This organ works in conjunction with the Secondary Heart, filtering blood and removing toxins from the blood.

15. Neuroglottis - This organ allows a Marine to assess a wide variety of things simply by taste. From poisons to chemicals to animals, a Marine can even track its quarry, by taste alone.

16. Mucranoid - Altering sweat glands, this organ secretes an oily substance that coats the skin, protecting it from extreme temperatures and to some extent, vacuum environments.

17. Betcher's Gland - Implanted into multiple locations inside a Marine's mouth, these glands transforms a Marine's saliva into corrosive, blinding acid.

18. Progenoids - Implanted into both the neck and chest cavity, these serve to cultivate gene-seed and to safeguard the continuity of a Chapter.

19. The Black Carapace - The last and possibly most important of all implants, this neuroreactive material is implanted directly under the skin. After a few hours, the material hardens and interlinks with the Marine's own nervous system. Points are then cut into the Carapace which allows a Marine to directly interface with his Power Armor.



That's what we've learnt today.

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Blogger Dee M said...

I love your doodles...do more!And yes,thanks for what-is-here-but-should-not-be-said.

2:17 PM  

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