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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

So Pissed Right Now.

So what have we learnt today?


That's what we've learnt today.

I mean, I have feelings too you know? And I have the freedom to express it in any way I see fit and I'm not targeting it at anyone at particular, Mr. Obviously-You-Think-You-Know-Alot-But-In-Reality-You're-An-Inconsiderate-Moron. You always do that. Wrong time, wrong place, wrong person.

Sure, you'll say what you said isn't targeted at me on the whole but on every emo person in the world, but you also said I triggered it. For example, it's like you deny you killed your kitten when you sat on it when you sat on it. What? You think you're the only one in the freaking universe who can get angry?

Never seen me angry like this before, huh? So sue me. I dare you. Sue me.

Now, I've targeted it at you, sorry but you brought it upon yourself.

Now, that's what we've learnt today.

But, elsewhere, and on a lighter note: this are a few pictures that i found on the net (which is obviously not my work and I do not own the copyrights to them) but they explain exactly how i feel now. Enjoy.

Wall calls out to me. And echoes in pulsating veins of glee.

"I am anger" said he. "For bring forth, anger to me."

My eyes, i open. My perception, divided.

Christmas Songs and Sex.




Figuratively speaking, and literally indulgance.

Candy floss and carbonara fettuchini.

Brown paper packages tied up with string.


And because I'm evil, I will not allow any comments on this post.
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