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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Some Goodbye This Is.

So what have we learnt today?

Friday morning was just a great time to get out of the house. Yuanchee came out with a brilliant idea to go out as a group; just a few of us who are graduating and me who isn't. The 8 of us classmates are studying in the same major and are suposed to be graduating by the mid of the year - so this was supposed to be one of the final few times we could hang out as friends. As students.

In league of Enid Blyton's style of introductions, I shall introduce the cast (in alphabetical order):

Boonkuan - a 7 foot giant with a mean smile but gentle grip and is the roomate of:
Danny - not your typical guy-next-door and smartass. Which brings me to:
Karleng - must be hating the jokes I create about her nipples ("bluek!"), shares a room with:
Lisa - goes nuclear at you when you're not looking, stays below:
Wentai - charming, attractive and available, loves being called 'Tarzan', that:
Yuanchee - loud speaker of the group (me being the male version), who goes under the name 'Jane', dates. Classmate of:
Yuhooi - can blonds get any cuter?
and I.

Supposed to wake at 9am, I whacked my clock back to oblivion and woke at 1020am when Liz misscalled. I thought for once someone actually forgot about me and went on without me. That would be swell. So I got up called Danny and "Hey, dude, you awake?" and was slapped on the face with a "What you just woke?!". Danny's mean. Always. Just like when we have assignments together. Boy, am I gonna miss him being mad at me.

Lisa and her roomie, KarLeng, was not ready yet when I stopped by their place: they thought that we were supposed to meet at 1045 when the original plan was 1030 and when I went there well, you know, some girls just take 5 minutes to even find their missing bra clip which is just at their backs. It seemed like hours. If I stood there longer I swear I could see an army of ants crawling and carrying away a table.

Wentai came down just as we were leaving their place and we debated whether we should just wait at the bus stop or walk to our campus' bus stop. The ever lovable princesses of wax hated the sun and could melt easily, so to the nearest one it was.

We boarded a bus and met the other 4 at the other bus stop, just in time to hear Yuanchee's high-pitched voice going on and on about oh, what magnificient dresses they could buy and how pretty they all look today. Danny was so on top of things.

Yes, that's him peering at the girls from his seat. Aww, doesn't he look cute?

MidValley Megamall.

So, here we are. Someone mentioned about the videos I was taking of Yuhooi. Something about me stalking and videotaping her every single move - be it stepping down the escalator, looking into the menu or walking to the ladies. The footage taken was going to be used for my very own home-made Yuhooi-Aurora.avi video. The back story was this: One day, some friend sent me an mtv of Angela Cheong's "Aurora" and heck, she looks like someone I know. Somehow I just couldn't piece it together for about 30 seconds. Then, it dawned on me that... WHAT?!?

Okay, okay! Sorry! I'll blog about this matter later. Sorry I was boring you anyway!

What nerve!

Some people just don't know patience!


A couple of us were kinda hungry by the time we were there and decided to take lunch first. We were kinda torn between Kim Gary (I wanted to try, but it was kinda full around lunchtime so) or Siam Kitchen (Yuanchee and her brilliant ideas). But nobody could make a stand. Without wasting a second more, the bigger brother part in me took control of my mind and set to work. "Siam lah." I commanded. That's how we ended here:

Danny was bored. So he moved around. Doing his regular checks to see if the 8 of us were still in the pack.

But Danny was bored again and so he actually tried something stupid. So, watch this:

Dan: Muahaha! I found an incredibly convinient spot to sit here! Right beside Lisa!

Dan: Yes and I shall stare at you!
Liz: Gaawwwwwwd!!!

Thanks to Danny's 'persuasive' nature on Liz, the waiters began to serve us in a quicker and faster manner to quiet us down. Wentai began biting his straw and waited anxiously as dish by dish of Northen Malaysian delicacies began pouring onto the table. Karleng called a very different dish than the rest of us because she was Ms. Vegetarian that day and the slight touch of meat at her lips will render her immobile.

Just look at Wentai acting all kingly and royal at the end of the lunch table. If he was a tat looser with his wallet, I would gladly acknowledge him as king then.

Some weird dish. Don't ask.

Even more. I forbid you to ask because I don't know what it is. Is it pork?

When we were done, the guys and the not-guys separated for their own version of fun. So we four knights attempted the impossible, torture our fingers with Giant Heavy Balls. Danny hated bowling. I wish I could show you more pictures, but this was all I could take with my aching fingers. And backbone.

(Ps. For the uninitiated: Some of us played under pseudonyms. You expect me to enter my name in a machine I can't even trust my kitten to?)

After one game and becoming extremely bored for the next 5 minutes, we tried wasting even more money on these machines.


The girls were having WAAAAYYYYY too much fun. Somehow they made the word 'shopping' sound fun to us guys. Like 'sex'. I might not represent the other 3 who were there. but I think it is save to say that it was like they put the 'I' in 'shopping'. I don't know how, but I was mesmerized at the way they could stare at a row of clothes for so long. Which equivalently will be the same if Liz were to ask me why I can stare at her butt for so long.

Liz: Hey, mamasita, go try it on!
Yuhooi: No way! I think you try it. It's your colour!
Liz: Shuttt upppp! You're kidding right?
Me: Why don't you both go try it on while I hold the camera and wait?

(If you squint your eyes real good you might even be able to see Yuanchee walking in from the right. Nyah! Mamasita is a real word, btw.

And we finish up with a group photo. Minus Liz, who was chatting with some old lost classmate from last decade or something.

2 hours and much shopping later, we stopped by a plush-toys-girly-accessories-cute-stuff shop to annoy the heck out of the shopkeeper. Shameless and thick-faced, I just kept snapping photos after photos alongside Boonkuan, who brought a camera too. Let the girls rule since they're graduating already anyway. Who cares? Owh, owh! Look at them; adorable little twats.

If she pwn3d the shop then yeah. Sight to behold. Do something about the horns.

Bet Chernliang hasn't seen this side of his project partner yet, huh?

By then it was about 7pm and we had to eat again. Liz and Karleng pulled us inside this posh looking Japanese Restaurant Oh, Sushi! and then kept raving on and on and on about how her brother and her would just hang in here and order blablabla zapzapzap dingalingaling like I care. Somehow the service was quite good and somewhere in contrary to Liz's reminiscences, I ACTUALLY enjoyed the food.

Cost quite a bunch for a bowl or ramen with soup and stuff but that's what you pay for when one of the female waiters kept going "HAI! HAI! HAI!" and bowing everytime she poured tea. Besides, what kind of restaurant does misunderstand-my-english-i-want-iced-water-not-boiling-hot-water for my thirsty mouth kind of service? That's why you don't hire Japanese workers in Malaysian restaurents, bloody "Oh, Sushi!" owners! I found it extremely funny when she bowed to pour tea for Wentai and her chest nearly landed on my face while still doing "HAI! HAI! HAI!". I think I "kamikazi" already! Bouncy female-des! Kawaii!~~~^_^

Guys, thanks for everything.

That's what we learnt today.

FYI: I have virtually nothing against female vegetarians, horned girls, Japanese waitresses, talkative girls, girls with nothing on, girls waking me up late, girls who can't walk under the sun, ladies who are into Burt Reynolds or girls while they are shopping for swimsuits (which, forgive me, I forgot to mention, the main reason Liz was there for.)
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

First thing first..why do you wanna talk about my butt in your blog??? ewww....
Anyway..im really proud of you and the guys for being so patient with us when we did our shopping..im sure you had fun too right?hahaha...anyway i hope we could do this again sometime...sometime...
btw i want those pictures!!

5:14 AM  

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