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Saturday, April 02, 2005

So, what have we learnt at 12am at Ultimate Toys' "Release Those Fracking Ep3 Toys" Midnight Fiesta at 1Utama today?

Fulamak! David Gary lansi: "Take picture with two Altered Frequency members, not happy ah?"
And then, I was like: "So what?"

Poster which was just begging to get stolen. It got stolen actually. Nah, it didn't.

Jedi trying to blend into the crowd. Kinda successful today, huh?

They call it the
AT-ST (All Terrain-Scout Transport), I call it the AT-(ARSE)T.

"Chewie, why the heck do you need to take away my blasters again?"

AH! Maul has Indian hands! Ah, me racist!

Ze Windu blade of Burning-A-Hold-In-Your-Pocket

Richard getting all the limelight. Sien d.

Young aspirations. Small wallet.


Between The Jedi (far left) and Anakin (far right), is me; trying to steal the bag right under their noses.

LIVE: Vader In Channel V.

Get him! He's getting away!

That's what we learnt today.

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