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Monday, January 16, 2006

Creme De La Creme

So what have we learnt today?

Somebody needs some hugging to happen right here, right now.

I am currently in Singapore in a backpackers inn. It's fun here; there are alot of people from around the world and it rawks. The pc that I am currently using has this rule that I can only have 30 minutes on it and any extra minutes on it will be charged S$1. So you see, I have a very tight schedule on it. And it is already kinda late. I'm sleepy. I'm wasted. But it's still Thaiponggal there.

Outside, Indian people flood the streets and everywhere you can see people selling and buying vegetables as it's the festival of the harvest. If my guess is not wrong, there are also alot of working foreigners from around Indian continent roaming around the area (the place i am staying in was smacked in the middle of Little India). Terry, Joe and I found it a little daunting to walk around a sea of mass dark skinned people; even more so when Joe accidentaly forgot to switch off his camera's flash and a whole bunch of Indians stared at us as if we were the police or something.

I have been around Singapore for a day and really have been travelling up and down the city area thanks to Yuin's f.r.i.e.n.d.s who have been very hospitable taking us around the lion city - stopping occasionally for some really good and delightable food. One thing we had to bear in mind is that the currency exchange rate now is currently at 2.31. You might say it's not much of a difference - HEY, it's just double the amount, it's still money. And that - I do not have. Sorry no souveniers this time, guys.

A little bit on the main reason I am here:

The primary reason I came here was to visit the Art of Star Wars exhibition at the local Science Centre. It has been travelling around some parts of the world - the last being in Japan (although later I found out that THIS exhibition is 1/5 of all the SW stuff - must be George Lucas' brain working on marketing strategies again) I also heard that another 1/5 of ths stuff were sitting in Paris collecting dust. Darn. There was also a makeshift foley studio where we can create the many sounds for a clip from The Return Jedi. Besides the broomstick sweeping and the mortar smashing, the tour guide also asked some wives/girlfriends to whack their husbands/boyfriends to give the ewok-smashing-stormtroopers sound.

The place was fun, we got to see some rare and authentic costumes, not to mention some great artwork. I didn't know Feng Zhu worked for Lucasfilm too. Great artist that one. To be a Star Wars fan is one thing, to travel and see the props and stuff used for the making of the movies, now that brings out the passion in a Star Wars fan.

Before we entered the exhibiton, there was a whole glass-cased row of toys contributed by a fan. Perhaps the most complete set of ALL the Star Wars toys since 1977 (imagine the amount of money he could have spend on his girlfriends instead.)We were given these stamps on our hands that is only visible via ultra-violet light which I find cool. The others were like, whatever, but you know me - colour really makes my day.

We were about 5 minutes into the exhibition when a tour took place and the enthusiasted voice of the tour guide beckoned me to join in. Although I couldn't get his name, this Indian guy was darn sarcastic as he injected crude humour and sheer crap into his introduction to the various items. For blogging purposes, we shall call him the 'Macha'. Somewhere around the middle of the tour I got a little tired of the not-so-interactive tour(the people were not canonical fans) and began to frequently voice out. So I got myself accuainted to Mr. Macha and we exchanged jokes while he tried to retain a straight face. There was once when we saw a concept art for some female droid-bot that did not appear in the movies:

ME: Hmm, I wonder why they wanted to put this she-bot in the movie?
MACHA: Lol. What do you think?
ME: Grievous' Personal Aide?
MACHA: Yeah, now we know why he needed 4 lightsabers.

Yes, we had this chat in the midst of the kids and their parents. Mommy, mommy, what does personal aide mean?

main loungeBack to where I am now. You guys just have to try out this place if you DO NOT HAVE enough cash and do not know where to bunk while in Singapore. The Inn Crowd Hostel Singapore is a rather compact, small yet warm place to be. Lotsa wasted but kinda cute foreigner babes around. For eg: there's this rather hot and bloody wow German girl beside me know typing a letter to her fanily. There's the pantry and you can make your own breakfast before you embark on your journey out to Singapore. There's the laundry area - though it might cause a little, it's not free. The bunkers upstairs are unisex. Guys and girls in one whole room, but lets's be adults here and not crack butt jokes.

The best part is the toilets. It's unisex too. Have fun.

And good night.

This is your not-so-regular blogger logging off. God bless Malaysia.

So this is what we have learnt today.
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Blogger zefiriel said...

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8:11 AM  
Blogger zefiriel said...

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8:11 AM  
Anonymous heidi said...

wow...this post sound so...so...NOT Jia Wern! It sounded so matured and intellectual...... :D

anyway, glad that you enjoyed your Singapore trip and came bek in one piece.. :)

and i really din understand the not-so-private joke between u and Mr Macha....

12:26 AM  
Blogger 0n10n5 said...

Di! 4 sabers, 4 entrances, she-bot! Oh come on, stop acting so innocent. Wink.

2:31 PM  
Blogger ~tha~ said...

the guy who DIDN'T buy us prezies from Singapore...>_<
I will remember you for that...haha..j/k

2:53 AM  
Blogger 0n10n5 said...

still very puzzled wif zefi. he deletes his comments! wtf man.

4:39 AM  
Blogger zefiriel said...

because you edited your post! those comments aren't relevant anymore. buh.

2:13 AM  

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