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Friday, April 14, 2006


So what have we learnt today?

I have found a new hobby. I just sit and giggle. Laugh myself silly at myself being myself. I felt like I needed to do so. So I went out to my happy corner and giggled.

I don't think people will actually find out I have brought my little parrot Pepe back to life. In fact, he's sitting just beside me on the table, nibbling my mouse. He's prompting me to get up and stop being captain slow and do something about my prom date.

So I did some research, I read up about her. They way she describes things, the way she walks, the way she looks at the doorbell as she presses it. The way she hates vegetables, the way she flaunts her eye lashes, the way sometimes she sees little pets and squeek like a little girl. The way she cries, the way she experiences riding a bicycle, the way I will want to hold her hand.

And butterflies prevail in my stomach, I'm just so nervous right now.

Oh, this is torture.

That's what we've learnt today.
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Blogger Huorë said...

Urgh... stop it stop it... I cant take it anymore!!!

7:18 PM  
Blogger .anna.begins. said...

So hurry up and tell us about what happened on "the" day!

You Funny. Very!

That's what I've learnt today.

4:07 PM  
Anonymous auntie lo... said...

So you finish my DVC?

5:07 PM  
Anonymous prettyslippers said...

I think you are the cutest guy. Can fix a date?

5:13 PM  

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